LibreOffice 6.0.5

Open source productivity suite offering free software designed to get you through your work day

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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    6.2 (120)

LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is a multi-faceted software resource quite like Microsoft Office.


  • One of the most essential benefits associated with LibreOffice is its multi-faceted resources. LibreOffice comes complete with Writer, Math, Calc, Base and Draw, the same types of elements that make up the widely used Microsoft Office.
  • Another of the pros associated with LibreOffice is the fact that the utility interfaces are easy to understand and highly user friendly. For individuals who have used or relied upon Microsoft Office in the past, they will find the interfaces associated with the different components of LibreOffice familiar.
  • A common complaint with some free software alternatives centers on issues with installation and removal. The fact is that LibreOffice gets high marks for both its install and its uninstall functionality.
  • One of the most commonly recurring gripes about Microsoft centers on its customer and technical support services and availability. Many people complain that Microsoft simply is lacking in these important areas. Such is not the case with LibreOffice. In fact, another of the prime positive elements of this product is that technical support for each utility or element of the package is readily available through easily accessible website resources.
  • Yet, another positive element of LibreOffice is that it does have a PDF file creator. This addition permits documents created with LibreOffice to be readily accessible by others who may be using any number of other types of software applications, including Microsoft.
  • Finally, coming with all of the primary features of expensive suites of applications, a person in need of this type of resource simply cannot overlook an important plus associated with LibreOffice, which is its cost.


  • The only real negative aspect associated with the LibreOffice of applications is the occasional bug. Such is the case with many open source alternatives. However, in the case of LibreOffice, the reality is that bugs are quickly identified and repaired. Indeed, because of its open source nature, oftentimes a bug is detected and remedied before the vast majority of users even detect that such an issue exists.

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